SilverStone SST-SG01-B (Black) Small Form Factor Desktop Case (Accept Micro ATX M/B)

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SilverStone SST-SG01Small Form Factor Desktop Case

Creating a small form factor (SFF) enclosure without a proprietary motherboard or power supply is a challenge that few companies want to face. For SilverStone, this intriguing challenge was welcomed with open arms and our engineers created yet another segment-defining design that will become the standard for years to come. The SG01s immaculate aluminum interior offers incredible amount of space for nearly all standard ATX components in a foot print that is only a few inches larger than typical SFF systems. With its carefully arranged cooling configuration and the ability to accommodate a wide array of Micro ATX motherboards, ATX power supplies, and even two double width graphics cards, the SG01 will ensure greater upgrade possibility than ever before.


SilverStone SST-SG01Small Form Factor Desktop Case

  • Cleanly styled aluminum front panel and body
  • Intelligent cooling layout for performance or quietness
  • Dual 5.25 and 3.5 drive bays
  • Micro ATX motherboard & ATX PSU compatible
  • Full size expansion slots

SilverStone SST-SG01Small Form Factor Desktop Case

SG01 compatibility notes:
- CPU cooler cannot exceed 78mm in height
- The combined depth of power supply and optical drive cannot exceed 355mm

Material Aluminum/acrylic front panel, aluminum body
Color Black
Motherboard Micro ATX
Drive Bay Extemal 5.25 x 2
lntemal 3.5 x 2
Cooling System Rear 1 x 80mm exhaust fan, 2050rpm, 21dBA
Optional cross-flow fan
Sides 1 x 80mm intake fan 2050rpm, 21dBA
Top 1 x 80mm fan slot
Expansion Slot
Front I/O Port USB2.0 port x 4
1394 Firewire x 1
Earphone jack x 1
MIC x 1
Power Supply Optional standard PS2 (ATX)
Net Weight
8.6 kg
Dimension 263 mm (W) x 210 mm (H) x 393 mm (D)

ptional Accessories

SilverStone SST-SG01Small Form Factor Desktop Case

Silverstone SFF (small form factor) Cross Flow Fan SST-FX121 for SG01 cases

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