Corporate Profile

WeHiTech is a diversified high-performance company. We have specialized in supplying full-line of premium innovative products to fulfill specific market niches. We established since 2000.

WeHiTech’s strategic customers include: distributors, premier wholesalers and special sales channels worldwide. We have consistently delivered overall best value, leading-edge innovation, and the finest quality products to stay well ahead of competition. Continuous improvement and utilization of the latest advanced technologies has become our distinctive guiding principle. Through our visionary leadership and solid commitment to excellence, we have experienced stable fast-growth as a direct result.

We have successfully positioned in the electronic industry. In addition, we are expanding our key focus onto health-care, wellness, and self-care industries to further our continued growth and meet future potential demand.

WeHiTech has taken great pride in being customer-focused. Strategic preferred customers enjoy significant benefit of doing business with us for finest quality products, superior customer care and major cost-performance advantage. This winning spirit shine through everything we have achieved.

In fact, WeHiTech’s long-term success is built on complete customer satisfaction. We offering exceptional support to help make our key customers becoming even more successful. Each and every day, we are consistently striving to excel ourselves for achieving this ultimate goal.


Wehitech de México, S.A de C.V. es una compañía mexicana constituida a principios del 2000. Wehitech nace con un concepto único en el mercado de la computación de México, que es, el de distribuir exclusivamente equipo de computo de alta calidad.

Nuestra política principal es de establecer una relación de negocios firme y honesta de distribución con pequeñas y medianas empresas, consultores, analistas de computo, desarrollo de sistemas, jugadores, venta a usuario final en línea, etc.

Wehitech se enfoca a satisfacer las necesidades del usuario con altos índices de calidad de productos y servicios a nivel nacional. Nos comprometemos a solucionar los problema de enfriamiento con producto de alta calidad, ayudando de esta manera al desarrollo de las actividades de nuestros clientes.

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