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RAINSO Titanium Energy Jewelry OTN-003

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Product name:Titanium Necklace OTN-003
Material: TA2 Titanium
Magnets: N/D 2000GS
Plating: Nickel & Cadmium Free
Size: 16.5'~18.5'

For those individuals that have titanium stents implanted, it is imperative to speak with a physician before using a magnetic mattress pad or any other magnetic therapy device. Stents are small tubular devices made of different metal alloys including titanium. The device serves as an implant to open up arteries after an angioplasty. Magnets may negatively affect the titanium stent via the electromagnetic impulses that the magnets generate. Titanium stents are not solely made of titanium, but are often also mixed with other forms of metal.

Some stents are made of nothing more than a metal alloy of stainless steel with a titanium coating, whereas other stents also have a special coating that works as an extended drug release device. The titanium coating over stainless steel is offered, so that your immune system will be less likely to reject the medical implant device. Since magnetic mattress pads and other magnetic products are created to stimulate the entire body with magnetic therapy, the titanium stent may also be affected during therapy sessions; stainless steel is highly magnetic, so magnetic therapy sessions could have an adverse affect on your titanium stent's core. It is believed that prolonged exposure to magnetic devices will diminish the quality of the titanium stent and reduce the stent's ability to prevent the clogging of your arteries. It is further believed that magnetic therapy may even lend to the dislodging of the stent in question, which would then put you in the position of requiring repeat surgical procedures.

Present-Day Research

  • Dr. Gupreet Sandhu, M.D. PhD, is working in unison with Mayo Medical Ventures to create titanium stents that have advantageous properties that can be used in conjunction with magnetic therapy without the threat of forming blood clots. At present, the research is ongoing, but stents may soon become available that will allow the recipient of a metal stent to also gain the benefits of magnetic therapy for improved circulatory processes without the adverse side effects associated with the current titanium stents offered.

Magnetic Water and Titanium Stents

  • Magnetized water is another form of magnet therapy that can be safely engaged in when one has a titanium stent. Magnets can be placed in water and will have an effect of magnetizing the water in question; when this water is consumed over extended periods, it offers a number of health benefits. Water that has been magnetized helps to improve bodily pH levels, improves healing processes, improves energy levels, helps to reduce pain, and more. Magnetic water has no effect whatsoever on titanium stents, because the water consumed is just like water from natural springs. For health benifit , you will need to consume a single liter each day of magnetic water.


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