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RAINSO Titanium Energy Jewelry OTN-001

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Product name:Titanium Necklace OTN-001
Material: TA2 Titanium
Magnets: N/D 2000GS
Plating: Nickel & Cadmium Free
Size: 16.5'~18.5'


Titanium-silver grey metal, specific gravity is 4.5, melting point is 1668įC.
Titanium has light texture, but is very hard and resistant to corruption. It doesn't get dark as silver, and can keep original color all the life in room temperature. The jeweler made of titanium is harder than other noble metal jewellery; and can prevent scrape, without any changing in colour.
Titanium has high resistance to corruption and fine stability, which makes it leaving no any influences for its essence after long term contacting with human, therefore, it can't bring any susceptibility to people, and became the only metal that without any influence to human botanic nerve and taste feeling. Titanium is also called intimate-biology metal by people.
Titanium without any harm to human, titanium firstly caters for people's pursuit of health and long-life. Medical experiment testifies that titanium organs could be transplanted into human body, which can used to prove how miraculous titanium is for human.
Because of above characteristics, the silver grey colour of titanium keeps good representation in spite of hard polishing, silking polishing or lower polishing. It is the most suitable jewellery metal except of noble metal platinum, and thus is commonly used in the designing of foreign modern jewellery.
Titanium has intending particularity, can enhance your temperament. At the same time, it is as new as original even though you have worn it for a long term, with light texture but hard appearance; it became popular jeweler material in the world.

Which function does titanium has?
Help to accelerate blood circulation, release nerve, relax neck and shoulder, and stretch body.
Since Titanium products can stabilize electricity of human body, relax muscle tension, spirit will get release, muscle will also relax simultaneously; besides, it could improve exercise enginery.
Boost up the pass of human energy, increase physical strength, stamina and concentration.
Since the accumulation of lactic acid is the chief cause of tiredness, titanium products could decompose this accumulation of lactic acid, and thus dispel tiredness.


Where is it being used?
Blackbird Titanium is one of the favorite metals in the aerospace industry. After World War II, the U.S. military was developing advanced missile systems and aircraft that could fly faster than the speed of sound. It needed a stronger metal, one that could handle the high temperature and the NASA stresses produced by air friction when traveling at high speed. It chose titanium. The Black Bird (AKA Habu) is made of titanium alloy. It can fly more than 2,200 mph (more than three times the speed of sound). NASA has also realized the benefits of titanium, using it to make many of its space shuttles.
The mechanical properties of commercially pure titanium are in fact controlled by alloying to various levels of oxygen and nitrogen to obtain strength levels varying between approximately 290 and 550 MPa. For higher strength levels alloying elements, e.g. Al and V have to be added. Ti3Al2,5V has a tensile strength of minimum 620MPa in annealed condition and minimum 860 MPa in the as cold worked and stress relieved condition. The CP-titanium grades are nominally all alpha in structure, whereas many of the titanium alloys have a two phase alpha + beta structure. There are also titanium alloys with high alloying additions having an entire beta phase structure. While alpha alloys cannot be heat treated to increase strength, the addition of 2,5% copper would result in a material which responds to solution treatment and ageing in a similar way to aluminum-copper.

Titanium does not occur in its free, pure, metal form in nature. It was discovered in 1791 in its oxide form by an Englishman, William Gregor, and later rediscovered as only a component of the oxide and dubbed Titanium by the German Heinrich Klaproth.
This Titan remained dormant until the 1920s when its extraction from its common oxide form was refined. Common awareness of this metal and its use took place only with its introduction as the material of choice for cold-war armaments and space race material. Starting in the 1950s Titanium became an essential raw material in the war-industrial complex. This choice was based on this metal's extraordinary characteristics: it is extremely strong (3 times stronger than steel) yet much (42%) lighter, it is chemically inert in all weather (and body) temperatures and conditions, and is a slow heat conductor. As a result, it was, and still is, used in the production of missiles, submarines, light weaponry, satellites, spy planes, and even the Concord airplane.
Titanium is a very lightweight metal with great strength. Because it has great resistance to acidity, it doesn't change its appearance over time like many other metals. Wearing a titanium magnetic bracelet, you donít have to worry about damaging your jewelry while participating in outdoor activities. You can wear your titanium bracelet to the hot tub or swimming pool and not have to worry about it getting damaged by chlorine. For someone with sensitive skin who usually cannot wear jewelry, titanium might be the only choice. For years titanium has been known for its compatibility with the human body and has been widely used as a surgical replacement for bones and hips.
As an interesting anecdote, an experiment conducted by the Nigata Industrial Technology Laboratory in Japan has shown that commercial pure titanium products can increase blood circulation where worn. This additional benefit is great news to people.

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