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TAMANGEL Titanium with Germanium Energy Bracelet Jewelry 461677GE

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Product name:Titanium Bracelet with Germarium
Material: TA2 Titanium + Germanium
Plating: Nickel & Cadmium Free

Size: 1 cm wide and 21 cm long


  • Metal: Titanium
  • Quantity: 3 Japanese Germanium 99.99% Pure
  • # of Magnets : 14 pcs
  • Finish: Shiny Polished Outside Brushed Middle
  • Magnets: 3000 Gauss laser point Permanent Neodymium
  • Width: 1 cm
  • Thickness: 3 mm
  • Reliable & Durable Snap Clasp
  • Limited Supply

    Understood to draw on the power of magnetism, the germarium health bracelet is considered to be a means of alleviating a number of bodily aches and pains. As part of a line of germanium therapy products, the bracelets are supposed to be especially effective in protecting the body from invisible radiation that is emanated from many modern devices. Along with providing protection, some proponents of germanium health bracelets also claim they can help heal damage that has already been done by radiation exposure.

    In design, germanium health bracelets may be as simple or complex as the wearer would like. Some designs involve Titanium bracelets that are studded with germanium elements. There are versions of the bracelet that are designed specifically for men, while others are designed for women. Germanium health bracelets are generally considered to be attractive enough to be worn with formal dress as well as with more casual clothing.


    The concept behind germanium health bracelets is to restore a balance to the magnetic field around the individual. Purportedly, exposure to a number of devices, such as cell phones and other forms of wireless technology degrade this field. Germanium health bracelets are equipped with both a positive and negative pole that works to counteract the imbalance created by emissions from these sources, and thus reduce the harmful effects of modern living.

    Along with providing protection for the individual wearing the bracelet, germanium bracelets are also understood to help with a number of ailments. Chief among the claims for the germanium health bracelets is that they can alleviate the pain associated with muscle strains and sprains, and may also help with the stiffness associated with arthritis. While there is no solid body of scientific evidence that germanium health bracelets actually work, there is a wide range of anecdotal testimonials made by persons who wear the devices. With many designs available at affordable prices, some may enjoy germanium health bracelets for their simple beauty.

Germanium Jewellery suitable for most people:

  • experiencing stiffness on neck, pain in the shoulders and back.
  • having numbness and muscular ache of arms or fingers.
  • having poor blood circulation.
  • Sleeplessness, stress etc.
  • working long hours with electromagnetic devices such as computers, mobile phones.


Prolong wearing Germanium Jewellery may assist in:

  • help in body and mind relaxation.
  • promote a sense of well-being.
  • increase alertness.
  • energises a person.
  • neutralization of free radical.
  • removing toxins and other wastes in body.
  • Improve blood circulation.
  • Increase sports performance and stamina.


Titanium is the only element possessing the strength of steel, yet with a weight comparable to aluminium. Its light weight makes it comfortable to wear. Titanium is a safe, hypoallergenic metal with strong, rust-resistant characteristics. Widely used in the medical and sports fields, this light weight metal also has the ability to regulate the body’s natural electric currents through cell ionization. Titanium may assist with EMF balance and protection. Titanium is one of the least toxic metals to humans, yet it has toxic effects against certain bacteria. It is an excellent choice for people who do not usually wear jewellery due to sensitive skin. It can be cleaned with any non-abrasive soap or cleaner.

Titanium is the only element that offers the unique combination of beauty, strength, light weight, and bio-compatibility.


When germanium comes in contact with our skin, it releases negative ions into our body. The negative ions proceed to neutralize the positive ions that are stressful to our body.

Germanium’s electronic structure and configuration enable it to carry out many tasks which have a healing effect on the body, including the elimination and neutralization of toxic substances such heavy metals and free radicals, and protection of blood cells from radiation.

Research at the molecular level has unambiguously documented germanium’s immuno-enhancing properties, particularly in cancer and arthritis. Organic germanium has been thoroughly researched by both the orthodox scientific and alternative holistic communities, with encouraging therapeutic results acceptable to the framework and philosophy of both these healing traditions. The versatility of organic germanium’s therapeutic effects, and its virtual non-toxicity, make it a highly attractive substance to anyone interested in attaining and maintaining good health. A critical analysis of the underlying mechanisms of how organic germanium works in performing its various tasks takes its effects out of the ‘miraculous’ and places them open to common sense understanding. Germanium is not a magical substance, although its effects are sometimes remarkable.

Germanium will likely become a significant trace mineral because of its safety and versatile range of therapeutic properties, which have enabled somewhat ‘miraculous’ remissions and cures, particularly in the hands of the Japanese, who have had the most experience with this element. Its elemental semi-conductor properties made it highly prized by the electronics industry.


99.999% Pure Germanium grain form the Ge Beads on the inner side of the bracelet. (see bracelet photo above)

What are the benefits of germanium on the human body? The Japapnese medical experiments show that the release of ions in the plasma and the human body, adjust the biological current, maintaining the balance of power in vivo, with activation of the immune system, relieve discomfort, electromagnetic wave protection functions.

Disease is the body’s electrical balance disorders, the body’s ion balance about the health of the body, while the positive ions is caused by the increase in critical illness, only to adjust the body’s with effects of human cellselectrical balance, the best health care side of the road. Ge metal semiconductor features can enhance the body temperature, so as to promote blood circulation. Often easy to feel tired for the hands and feet, muscle pain, poor blood circulation, the situation of great help.

Germanium grains 92.1% far infrared radiation, wavelength 8-10?m, the optimal absorption frequency of the body and the wavelength, infrared radiation can be deep into the human body, the body’s absorption of toxic substances and heavy metals and break down, to detoxification support The role of Yan, in addition to far-infrared resonance to form a thermal reaction, the capillaries expand, promote blood circulation and relieve the fatigue.


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